Welcome to Introduction to Jewish Life

Welcome to IJL!

The Introduction to Jewish Life class (IJL) was created by the Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto to enable those who wish to learn more about Judaism and the Jewish People an opportunity to study in depth. In addition to transmitting Jewish knowledge, the Jewish Information Class also affords the opportunity to acquire Jewish life skills and to experience Jewish religious and communal life. Our classes, taught by the rabbis and master teachers of our community, also serve as a prerequisite for those who wish to convert to Judaism under the auspices of the Bet Din (rabbinical court) of the Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto. The program runs for approximately 30 weeks. All students in the Introduction to Jewish Life Class participate in the program under the sponsorship of a rabbi who is a member of the Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto.

For more information on this program, or to register, contact the administrator Karen Goldstein: 416-460-0782; introtojewishlife@outlook.com.

Registered Students

Not registered? Please email Karen at introtojewishlife@outlook.com.